How To Use AdSense Account To Make Money

No, this is not an Ad Spam, it is a tutorial to make money using Google AdSense Account . With Google AdSense you will not get rich (or if it depends on how well you do) but you can earn enough money to give you some whim from time to time. Let’s start the post by defining Google Adsense.

Adsense is a free program that allows online writers to earn money for advertising that Google publishes on our website. Google publishes the ads that companies set up in Adwords and if your readers click you will take a small commission.

Writing a post is a constant task (although rewarding) and in addition, except that you have your site stored in a free hosting (I do not recommend it if you want to do SEO), annually you have to pay a certain amount for the hosting. How about we start amortizing our website? Start using Google AdSense to earn money!

I want to start using Google AdSense NOW! – The first thing we need to do is set up our AdSense account . It’s very simple, do you have a Gmail account? Then we are one step closer to making money with Google AdSense. However this is not enough, you have to subscribe to the Google affiliate network .

Check the “No, I do not have an AdSense account” option. Now click on “Sign in to a Google AdSense account”. Now we must follow three simple steps … Do not lose!

– First you must select your Google account (easy … right?).

– The second step is to provide the URL of your domain , select the language and accept the Adsense policy.

– Step 3, enter the contact information (your personal data and … send it!).

How good … Can I use Google AdSense to earn money?

Not yet, do not be impatient. Google must make a first approval (it’s almost immediate).

When Google makes the first approval we can begin to configure the ads . Click on “My ads” and click the “Create new ad unit” button. We will find the next screen.

Now you can design your advertisement or the letter to start making money with Google AdSense. As it is quite intuitive, I will comment only those steps that can present complication:

The ad size is measured in pixels. You must know your template well to choose the one that suits you best. Anyway … What do you want to get? I in my case want to get a small income without “prostituting” too my blog with advertising. That’s why I have placed two moderately sized modules in the sidebar. Do you want to go sack to make money? Then place a large ad in the header of your website (the top).

In the type of ad you must select whether you want only text ads, still images or both. Do you have anything against any of these two? Then select both. Now you must press “Save and get code”.

Copy the HTML code and paste it in the position that interests you from your website ( of course for which you ‘ve measured the number of pixels with a tool such as Firebug).

All right! Can I start using Google AdSense Account to earn money? NO, as it is your first time you will need the definitive approval of Google. They usually take only a couple of days but in my case it took three weeks … Everything a lottery! But hey, when finally approved your account … You can start using Google AdSense to make money!

The 3 Commandments of Google AdSense.

To finish this post, I am going to tell you the 3 Commandments that you should never break in this tool.

– Do not click on my ads or ask / encourage / extort others to do it.

– I will not place ads that include adult content .

– I will not place ads on sites that distribute copyrighted materials.

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