Want Low Electric Bills, Or Even None At All?

Did you know?

You can now save THOUSANDS of dollars off the retail price of solar panels by learning how to make them yourself at home for under $150. I know what you’re thinking: NO WAY. The truth is finally out and the retail companies are worried out of their minds!

It takes absolutely ZERO experience of DIY skills or solar knowledge to get started on your first project, ANYONE can build their own solar panels.

Join a hot trend that’s growing rapidly: build your OWN solar panels instead of forking out TENS OF THOUSANDS to retailers.

Now there is an ingenious guide that does all the hard work for you! No more guessing or questions necessary. Step by step, full of details fully explaining all of the steps that you’ll need to get going on your first project immediately!

How to make solar panels

So stop thinking and take ACTION! Instead of racing to the phone book and paying a professional to come evaluate your property, begin building your own solar panel today for much less than just the house call.

So you are probably wondering HOW EASY is it to make solar panels?

  Well it is as easy as gathering a few supplies and following steps 1, 2, and 3. With our step by step guide, including video, we’ll walk you through the procedure with ease!

What basic materials do I need for my solar panels?

Solar Cell Solderplywood

Solar cells – you’ll need cells to collect the suns energy and being the process of converting it into usable energy. These cells ARE NOT expensive and in our guide we’ll show you where to get them for SUPER CHEAP.

Solder – You’ll need to attach the cells to each other to make a strong powerful panel. If you don’t already have one, they are very inexpensive at a hardware store.

Plywood – this will be used to encase your solar cells and protect them.

Plexiglass – or glass, but we recommend plexiglass because of its durability.

So what are you waiting for?

Start saving the planet and the money in your wallet by converting to solar power! It’s very inexpensive and it will reduce your monthly electric bill while reducing your carbon footprint on earth every day!

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