Homemade Solar Cell

Really need to produce a homemade solar cell for science project or possibly a low energy demand appliance? Well in place of buying your cells, you can create your personal homemade solar cell easily at home.

They aren’t as efficient as professional solar cells, but if you need to power something small these work great. I still recommend buying professional cells for your homemade solar panels. To see this article complete with pictures, click here.

Things you’ll need to make a homemade solar cell:

1) Hotplate

2) Salt                                                                                                                            3) Metal tongs

4) Clean copper sheeting

5) Salt                                                                                                                            6) Wiring

7) Glass container with wide mouth

8)Plastic Scraper

9) Sheet metal shears

Now you’re prepared to begin building your homemade solar cell. Follow these easy steps and you’ll have power in no time.

1) Use the shears and cut a square piece of copper sheeting that is the same size as the eye of your hotplate.

2) Turn the hotplate to its maximum heat setting and set copper sheet on the eye for about half an hour. The copper will respond to develop cupric oxide on the surface (black). Turn off the burner and allow it to cool for 20 minutes.

3) Use tongs to remove the sheet. Never use your hands since the oxide and the copper cool at different rates. This is hazardous if not using tongs.

4) Use the scraper and take away the black oxide from the sheet. You really need to be careful not to take off the red oxide. Retain the red, eliminate the black!

5) Cut another copper sheet the same size as the one you did in the 1st step.

6) Place the 2 sheets in the glass jar and make certain they are arranged so they are not touching. Copper is extremely malleable (flexible) so youre able to bend them if you want to arrange them in your container.

7) Attached the negative alligator clip to your cooked copper sheet, and the red alligator clip to your clean copper sheet.

8) Make some saturated salt water. Fill the container with your water so the copper sheets will be in contact with the water, but ensure that the alligator clips are not touching the water.

9) Connect the wires to a charge controller or DC compatible device and place your container in the sunshine. The copper will start reacting and you will have power very quickly.

A homemade solar cell is fun and easy to make. Youll really be impressed how easy it is to generate power to be able to run something. These are great for powering small devices or science projects!

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